How Regional Characteristics Influence Employment

Artikel veröffentlicht: 12.04.2019

This paper pays particular attention to structural effects and extend current life course research by exploring how regional determinants impact employment trajectories: To what extent do regional characteristics influence employment trajectories? Do regional factors diversely affect the employment careers of different sociodemographic groups? Using a German linked employer–employee dataset (LIAB) that was merged with data on regional characteristics for 96 planning regions, results show that there are considerable regional heterogeneities regarding population density and the amount of human capital ...

... endowment, both of which influence working careers differently. Regional agglomeration predominantly offers opportunities regarding employment trajectories, while regional human capital accumulation increases employment risks. Additionally, findings indicate that group-specific inequalities regarding employment careers can be weakened or even strengthened by regional frame conditions.

Matthias Dütsch, Franziska Ganesch, Olaf Struck (2019): Employment trajectories in heterogeneous regions: Evidence from Germany, published in Advances in Life Course Research 40: 43-84.

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